Spot on. Graphic Arts Calendar


The calendar ‘Spot on’ sets the stage for the machine – the heart of the printing industry. This Promotions-Kalender has been designed for PrintPromotion, an organisation that promotes the printing and paper processing industry. The photographic motifs were realised as light paintings with long exposures.

As complementary graphical levels, the twelve chronological calendars are integrated into the overall composition. In a playful form, a reference is made to the individual motifs and their image axes and colours. Design and printing finishing beyond four-colour printing create a new connection between the image of the machine and its photographic realisation.

Each photographic motif thus finds its interpretation in another image layer, in the sense of a specific signature. This already finds its announcement in the cover page, where design elements of each months are cited on dark grey cardboard with different embossings and color accents.