Zanders annual calendar. Space of Time


On the occasion of the company’s 175th anniversary, paper manufacturer M-real Zanders presented the annual calendar ‘Space of Time’ in a central marketing campaign.

Consisting of twelve boxes, their front pages each show a monthly motif and on the backs a calendar. ‘Space of Time’ is conceived as a journey through space and time, bringing a linear time axis into a clockwise rotating circular motion. This creates a three-dimensional helix – a period of time. Years, months, days and hours are differentiated by the frequency of the turns and become visible in their superposition as a multiply wound spiral.

As journeys through space and time, the visual design takes up various views of the spiral in order to create an overall composition with picturesque images and organic forms. Twelve quotes on the sides of the boxes reflect on space and time. Several types of paper were processed and combined with different print finishes.